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What's an iCommuter?

iCommuters are people who work from home, commuting from their bedroom to their work desk and taking care of business for their company and/or clientel via the Internet, at home.  I am a perfect example of an iCommuter, as I make an income as a freelancer.  I am a brand expert, domain trader, artist, author, web designer, site developer, hostmaster, search optimizer, and online marketer through my computer and the internet.

That's not all I do.  I am a man of vision, a business man, a family man, and much, much more.  We are all more than just a few things.  But usually our talent lies in a few things that we do very, very well.  Things we excel in that demonstrate marketable talent, or superior logic in a certain field.  This is where we have great accomplishments by the contribution of many different talents on a sole large project.

Our forces as small home businesses and freelancers grow each and every day as corporate America abandons family values and dumps employees.  The family man and woman must turn to entrepreneurship to make ends meet at home.  Usually this starts as a hobby in the hopes of enjoying what you do to subsidize life when the small business mind finds itself making something come of it.

Corporate America is in fact feeding this growth, as it is fearful to crack under its own weight in tough times.  And of course, this is where the nimble local Mom or Pop shines, making things happen that the corporation won't dare take a risk on.  Because we have to.

This is not here to blame the corporations, they have to do what they have to do and stabbing its employees in the back will simply cost them.  But if we band together in teams we can beat them and outbid them at their own game. 

So, what's iCommuters.com?

Eventually, iCommuters.com hopes to grow-up to be a social gathering place for such people, iCommuters.  People will be able to get together on the site to discuss and share.  Professionals can share their portfolios as well as their plans for business proposals.  Investors will be able to bid on taking charge of specific (but not all) proposals.  The community itself might invest in other projects. 

It will also be a meeting place for small business, collaborating in an effort to unite so that we can take on bigger risks offering greater rewards.  Projects will be assigned and managed with tasks assigned for people of different talents. 

Of course, right now I don't have enough people interested in this project.  If you would be interested as working as an iCommuter, or working to further such a project in some other way to further this cause, my contact information follows:

Doug Peters
Symbiotic Design
2108 S Duluth Ave. Sioux Falls, SD, 57105
(605) 251-8973 - Note: Restricted and irregular numbers are blocked due to the high degree of spam outsource inquiry calls I receive from India, China and Russia (We do NOT outsource), on a daily basis. You can also try (605) 331-0808 (personal #).
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